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Is it embarrassing to be uncircumcised?

Many say it looks and smells gross. 

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    I was circumcised at age 26 and it was one of the smartest decisions I ever made in my life.  Yes, I found it to be embarrassing and would always try to hide it when at a public urinal as about 95% of the guys in the mid west are circumcised.  If you are considering getting circumcised just talk to any male who was circumcised as an adult for a truly unbiased opinion.  The vast majority will tell you it it highly superior being circumcised.  No more ugly foreskin,  no more having to retract every time you urinate, no more foul orders, no more smegma,  and last but not least no more girls turning you down for oral sex.  You would have to wash it thoroughly 3 or 4 times a day to keep it perfectly clean.  Don't let any uncut guys tell you it is better to be uncut because they have never experienced life being circumcised.  I am now more than double the age I was when I got cut and my only regret was not getting it done sooner. Being circumcised truly is a "cut above the rest".

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    its very normal and feels better

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    Its true if you do  not pull the foreskin back when you take a shower and if no shower or bath is done for 2 or more days, you would need to clean the uncircumcised, penis everyday. A little urine is left behind after each pee.  So the moist warm area is a good place to grow bacteria.  Even just wiping your penis with warm water. 2-3 times a day will protect you enough for most bacteria. But my dad was uncircumcised and I always wanted to look like my dad. So some boys who;s dad is circumcised, may want to look like their dad. 

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    A lot of men are uncircumcised. Unlike the circumcised, being uncircumcised means that the foreskin slides back to expose the gland at penetration.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    No, it isn't and no, it isn't, Cheesy Cock and you continually banging on about it, will not make it so either. Just because your parents had you mutilated at birth and you have never experienced NORMAL sex, don't try to get others to be as physically and mentally scarred as you are. You can get therapy for your obsession with circumcision!

    Edit, the first anonymous to answer, is the same person that posted the question and goes by the nick of Cheesy Cock.

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    The USA are the ONLY western country where circumcision is such a common practice. Cicumcision hurts, can have complications, can make you less sensitive, and has no clearly proven health benefits.

    Seriously, uncircumcised is the way to go.

  • 8 months ago

    No, why would it be? You refer to "many ", well truthfully "many" say and do a whole lot of stupid things too. An example" it looks and smells gross". So if you are intact disregard the "many" if you are circumcised and ask out of curiosity- then no embarrassment.

  • Sam
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    8 months ago

    If it had no purpose, males wouldn't be born with it. 

    Circumcision leaves the head open to abrasions and looks more like a dried up prune compared to the smooth uncircumcised head that has more sensitivity, experiencing more pleasure than the circumcised penis.  

    Nature knows best. . 

  • mel
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    8 months ago

    To be uncircumcised is normal. there is no way it will smell if you wash it in the shower each day. 

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    You really should not be allowing many to see and smell your pecker!

  • 8 months ago

    If it's embarrassing - MOST men and boys must be embarrassed. Because most are NOT circumcised.

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