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tolerence break for valium/benadryl?

i’ve had severe insomnia for a while and doctors and mental health professionals were always useless shits. for the past year i’ve drank chamomile tea, showered 45 minutes before bed, and turned off electronics an hour before bed. once they realised this i got prescribed melatonin which even in high doses, would only actually KEEP me asleep for two hours a night max. another fail. i’ve just turned 16 and i need more than 2 hours a night. 😂 i went to the pharmacy and got benadryl which so far has been moderately helpful though not always, but usually keeps me out or not waking up too often for a good 6-8 hours. however it says on the pack the max time i can be on them for us 2 weeks before i build tolerence and i cant afford to get reliant on super high dose flippin benadryl. before this i was taking 10mg diazepam by friend linked me but this was even worse. in just over a week i already had some tolerence but was taking for 2 and a bit weeks as it became less effective which is why i started the benadryl, along with not being able to afford a physical dependence on benzos. i’m just wondering since i’m cycling between the two just to get some average level sleep how long my breaks from each need to be. i heard somewhere that after 5 days you’ll be fine with valium, somewhere 10 days, and another place 2 months... so the internet isn’t particularly helpful. i just wanna she sleeping pills which i obv need without having to get stupidly high doses. thanks :)

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    Trazadone I take at 4 oclock and I sleep until 6 the next day. Xanax is a good sleeping pill too..though about the same as valuim

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