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Is the roof of a 27 story building safe during a tsunami? Tsunami of 78 feet high?

Barring any damage from the earthquake that is likely to precede the tsunami? Would the top of a 27 story tower likely be safe during a tsunami? The lower floors are likely to be destroyed and make getting back downstairs difficult? Would the roof be the safest place to go, or is indoors on the 27th floor safer?

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    78 ft is about 8 stories high. So you would be safe on anything above the 10th floor. 

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    how big is each story?

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    I don't see it as "safe" so much as not in direct danger of getting washed out with the wave.  A 70 foot wave will carry a lot of power and could destroy the building, but until that happens, or unless the collision knocks you off the building somehow, you would at least be safe from the water itself.  A water surge that deep could knock the building right off its piers and footings, and the upper part of the building would definitely sway when the building got hit even if the building held together.

    But you would still be way safer than at street level.

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    Yes you should be safe. That’s around 200 ft in the air.

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    Indoors in an area which has the least windows about the flood level would be safer than being outdoors on the roof, unless you like being blown off one.

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