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How is Biblical symbolism present in greek mythology?

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    Both represent God and or gods.

  • AgProv
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    7 months ago

    Two neighbouring civilisations who traded ad had common links across the eastern Med, both of whom used written alphabets derived from a common source (Phoenican) - of course they will share some common cultural elements. look at something as basic and fundamental as the alphabet used to record ideas. One goes alpha - beta- delta - gamma; the other goes aleph- beth - daleth - gimel. core myths;for instance  a Flood in which the God(s) instruct a chosen man to save his family and all his animals by building a boat. A God with a habit of coming down to Earth to impregnate human females with his children. (although the Jewish God only did this once). When you start looking for these things they are there. It would be surprising if they were not.

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    It's not.  Greek mythology is a few centuries earlier than the bible.

  • Tangi
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    8 months ago

    Greek mythology comes from before the bible.

    So it would be more faire to call it Greek symbolism in the bible.

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    In no way   .

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