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CRJ Theory and Ideology  (will Venmo for help)?

1. Compare the subgroups of theories in the sociological school of criminology. In your opinion, which subgroup is strongest when assessed using the criteria for evaluating theory? Explain your choice by reviewing the strength of the theories in the subgroup that were discussed in class according to Akers’ criteria.


2. Classical Deterrence Theory provides the theoretical basis for the legal process in the United States. Review the argument, its modern update, and expansions to the concept of deterrence. In your opinion, is it possible to improve contemporary policy to increase the deterrent effect? If so, explain how. If not, explain why not.

3. Explain the basic premises and assumptions of conflict theory. Assess one conflict argument according to the criteria for evaluating theory. In your opinion, should Feminist and Black criminology be included among conflict arguments or should they remain distinct perspectives? Explain why or why not.


4. Review the modern biological arguments of crime causation as discussed in class. Discuss reasons why these arguments are not having a significant impact on crime policy despite their empirical support in research.


5. Outline the difference in the underlying assumption of control theories compared to other sociological theories of crime causation. Demonstrate the difference by explaining it in the arguments of a control theory, a strain theory, and a learning theory.

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    Each of those questions will require a 10-12 page research paper.  This site isn't designed for that.

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