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Is organ failure in bettas genetic?

A few minutes ago, I realized my young female crowntail betta has dropsy. A few weeks ago, I lost her sister to organ failure too. Can organ failure be genetic in fish? I also think she got it partly from the stress of being moved around in tanks too much. What can I do to help her?


The only thing I have in there that might not be meant for tanks (not sure) is a small jug ornament, but she is with other fish, (guppies) and I've had bettas in there before with the jug, as it's a normal thing that stays in there kind of all the time, and I haven't had problems. Also her sister was in a quarantine tank when she got dropsy, and had never been in the tank. And the one I have now doesn't seem to be having trouble swimming. It's just the scales pineconing, with a tiny bloat. 

Update 2:

The only chemicals I use is whatever is in the water conditioner. I don't water change that much, but I clean the glass on the inside every once in a while, and I'm working on getting a gravel vaccum, and a syphon to change water with.

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    Do you change the water too often or use chemicals in the tank? Using too much medication can cause dropsy. Talk with you local aquarist for help. Dropsy is difficult to treat.

    Also, have you put anything in the tank, not meant for fish? Many plastics and other materials can make fish sick, and even kill them.

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