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When you read about the winter of discontent in the UK, 1978-1979 is it any wonder why old people are wary of voting for UK Labour?

Should old people be more vocal about the horrors of a far left Labour government?

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Well they certainly got their revenge voting Thatcher!

    Her policies unleashed the age of greed take all! So they have been richly over compensated! Redistribution from the bottom to the top! Back to the age of serfdom!  Aka king Louis and Czar Nicholas!

    For those that don't understand that capital is king, should watch The Big Short, based on a book written by an insider! 

    Assets (overpriced shares, houses, etc) are only worth what the buyer IS willing TO pay!

    As the arrogant Yuppies  (City whizzkids, nicknamed yuppies, short for Young Upwardly-mobile Professionals, made huge bonuses by shifting money around the globe, contributing nothing but their ability to play a market) turned into gutless puppies learnt as the markets tanked!

    Just EXACTLY have those old fossils contributed?

    Retired at 60! 65!

    Try doing that in this day and age!

    Job security? None! 

    Pay? Below the rate of inflation!

    Work hours? Till the job is finished. Don't bother counting on sleep!

    Retirement age? Work till you drop!

    Sick leave?  Redundancy in the offing if don't work!

    Require an operation? Works private health insurance, cites prior condition, to escape liability! NHS won't do the operation within the time work is willing to allocate off! So pay to go private!

    That's the world of today!

    The luxury of running just to stand still!

    The current crop of fossils listened to corporate media feeding them garbage!

    Some of them will be having to pay for the worthless BBC. Not to mention their freebie winter allowance.......chop..chop...bus pass ...chop....chop!

    Charges for using NHS! Boris is certainly on form!

    Instead of constructing a better decent world they discarded their few brain cells in favor of a skunk doused with channel no 5.

    They choose wars! Selling the NHS to American corporations! Flooding Britain with American food fed antibiotics, chemicals banned in the EU.

    And they expect sympathy? 

    They expect to be cocooned! 

    Asset strip the planet, ignore climate change?

    They had it tough? Tough is famine! Drought! 

    Have they bothered to note the numbers of homeless sleeping rough?

    The price of houses is inflated by zealous over lending by bankers to keep politicians hyping the illusion they are doing well. The house prices are out of whack of average earnings! 

    If those old fossils lack the intelligence to integrate into society, and choose to hoard the power to inflict social injustice, in the long term they will ultimately suffer!

    It was no accident Harold Shipman erased their suffering! Their families who avoided socialising with them as much as possible, using every pretext going, amazingly found ample time to bleat to the media! 

    What irked them was the loss of their inheritance!


    The filthy rich hold the country to ransom! Foist the Tories onto the population whilst they float about abroad!

    If they DON'T reside in the country, have to knuckle under Tory policy, they should be denied the vote!

    And what about those who were in education? Under Thatcher the milk snatcher?

    Massive cutbacks every year! Teachers who were trainees, hadn't a clue how to teach much less, how to exercise control over the class! Try studying maths with 5 - 6 temporary teachers! 

    One lousy teacher was a dozey. She was marrying a intelligent man to breed an Aryan race! She was being paid to teach civics! The airhead was CHEAP, no doubt then a skilled teacher.

    Thatcher wrecked the economy!

    She got her revenge on the miners! 

    Piper alpha under her watch! With the billionaires penny pinching over safety the tragedy was a foregone conclusion!

    She flogged off everything! DENYING the consumer the right to veto board greed! But it insured Tory coffers were full!

    And all those salesmen Tory unleashed, ensured pension contributions suffered heavy costs i.e. salesman commission deducted upfront, with no guarantee of performance! Whilst the board of directors, retained their guaranteed final salary!

    On top golden hellos, and golden handcuffs. Share options for piling on debt, without having to wait at least 10 years to see if their so called strategy was a bust!

    Workers paying into pensions today have no guarantees! No final salary! Only money purchase! The workers take ALL the risk! Not only is the fund performance indifferent, but the annuity rates a joke!

    Why should the fossils be exempt from their dereliction of duty? They voted for neo liberalism! Deregulation! Mass privatization! Culling of the welfare state! "As a lifelong Conservative, I should be delighted. Instead, I feel despair. To secure his victory, Johnson has sunk lower than any prime minister in modern times. Far lower." 

    The decimation was NO accident!

  • Ian
    Lv 6
    9 months ago

    Thatcher closed down almost the entire manufacturing foundation in the UK, and put over 4 million out of work and created the hugely unfair poll-tax.  The entire Lawson boom was done on borrowed money!  May took inflation to over 30%, increased VAT, income tax and national insurance and started the destruction of the UK's export markets (BREXIT).  I was in junior school in 1979 and life was in no way even nearly as uncomfortable for working people as it was while Thatcher or Major or May were in government.  Today's clown is in the process of destroying 80% of the UK's export market (BREXIT) and still all the media do is attack the Labour Party.  The media completely destroyed Brown's Labour government for taking inflation up to 1%, and kept Thatcher in power for three terms for keeping inflation as low as 1.5%!  If the conservatives get you, you will regret it.  However, conservatives need to wait until they die before they discover how wrong they are.

    Source(s): Over 20 years researching where our soul goes when this body dies.
  • 9 months ago

    I was at school then and it is a total load of rubbish what they say about that time and they elevate it to suit their propaganda

     yes, Callaghan  government froze pay rises and they were accepted and froze them again and they were accepted and froze them again and this time were not accepted . 

    Anyway this was years ago and what the hell has it to do with 21st century united kingdom?

    but the working class now know their place and are never going to get that power back they had in the 1970's . 

    They are our doormats to be walked all over  and they accept it today.... mugs.

    Boris will even screw them further into the ground and they even accept billionaires  saying oh you cannot tax them more while they are poor struggling to survive from day to day. 

    yes , Friday the 13th December  2019 will go down in history has he day resistance to capitalism ended and the working class resistance ended.

  • 9 months ago

    I know exactly what it was like back then i lived through those days. I dislike labour no matter who the leader is. corbyn is a cowardly dithering terrorist sympathising scumbag who isnt fit to in a chimps tea party at london zoo never mind be leader of apolitical party or country.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    UK labour is dragged away it,s activity field from the old people,what can they do for such a team next?then they worry about.So yes they are vocal.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    The Unions were running the country at that point and the same will happen again if Corbyn is elected.

  • ,
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    9 months ago

    You mean when unemployment was as low as 800,000? Plus yes, I know new Labour didn't get it back down to that but this is the figure Jim Callaghan had in the late 70's and Thatcher changed it to several million.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    The old folk that inflicted three years of Brexit farce and tub thumping?  Outside the single market we are going to face some serious challenges.  We will need a government that wont abdicate responsibility and will invest in strategic infrastructure. 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    They don't remember very well then since it was the global oil crisis and recession which created the conditions that led to that event, and I was only 2 years old!!!! 


    The crisis was actually over when the billionaire princess weaselled her way into office and embarked upon the biggest transfer of wealth from poor to wealthy in the history of mankind.

  • 9 months ago

    I'm pretty old. There were no foodbanks in the 70s. No need for working people to claim benefits to subsidise their wages. In fact, no need for both partners in a relationship to work, unless they chose to... one wage was enough to support a family. No homeless people on every street corner. No hounding of the disabled to suicide. And so on, and so on......

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