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Is it possible to make a Russian dentistry diploma equivalent to European or American one?

I'm Russian I'm studying dentistry in Russia 1st year and I don't really want to continue work here after finishing my studies due to low payment. Is there any exams I could do maybe every year to make my dentistry diploma equal to the US and European ones? I'm ready to travel to do the exams too


I'm not planning to immigrate to USA or Europe, I just want to get a degree equvilanet to theirs so I can get a work visa to Dubai so I'm asking if there any exams I could do 

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    8 months ago

    Why would you need a dental degree equivalent from the US to work in Dubai?  

    Research a NBDE

  • 8 months ago

    afaik, there are none in America.

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    The U.S. does have a shortage of dentists in many states: However, you'll generally need to have graduated from an American dental school to practice here. The U.S. has begun allowing some Canadian dental school graduates to practice in the States because of the need here. The need here is greatest in rural areas. 

    The Netherlands has a shortage of dentists, as do many countries in South America, Asia and Africa.

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    Don't the Russians just bash out rotten teeth with ice-picks? We do things differently in the West.

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    Practice in Russia if you complete your dentistry course there. You will have no qualifications to work elsewhere as a dentist. Furthermore, dentist is not on most shortage lists eligible for temporary employment visa. Expect not to be able to work abroad. European, North American, etc, countries are not short of dentists, certainly not short enough to consider anyone with Russian credentials.

    If you earn your bachelor's degree + dental degree (DDS) abroad, such as US, as a foreign student, you are required to return to your own country immediately upon completion or termination of full-time studies. Nobody is going to be able to hire you & get you a temporary employment visa. No shortages, no visa eligibility.

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