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Gifts for grandpa? ?

I need help finding a gift for my grandfather.  

Hes so impossible to shop for, anything he wants he just buys for himself!! Whenever he asks he gives us nothing to work with and tells us not to get him anything (as if wed ever do that). 

Weve done the whole photo albulm, picture frames, special costum blanket memorabilia thing so many times. And he never talkes about anything hes paticulalry intrested in or hobbies and when he dose it means he already has everything related to it. (He likes movies but has a subscription to every service and no one favorate movie) 

Im running out of ideas, and i cant bare to get him another useless nik-nak. hes retireing soon so whats something good to get an old man with a lot of free tome on his hands?  

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    Have you thought about gifting him an experience?   Especially one that you will be sharing with him?      Tickets to a sports event, musical, airplane museum...heck, sign the two of you up for a ballroom dance class or a photography class or an (ethnic) cooking class.   Since he likes movies, you could give him a "dinner and a movie" night. 

    Or how about a "thing-of-the-month" club?  Wine, cheese, chocolate...there are a zillion of these kinds of subscriptions from food to hobbies.

    Have you thought about asking him to go Christmas shopping with you?   Sometimes I can get hints about what to get someone simply by seeing what they look at or comment on when we're shopping for someone else. 

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    The very best thing that you can give your grandfather is your time. Make time to visit him more often, spend time asking him about questions you might have about his family or your heritage, his upbringing or what have you on your mind? Because once your grandfather is gone, there's no turning back the hands of time  and there's no getting any more time with him and you'll never be able to talk to him again.

    So, why not write him a note and tell him that you would like to spend more time with him. With that, the best types of gifts are ones that are consumed. You're right he doesn't need another knick knack or something useless. Instead give him a gift certificate to his favorite breakfast place or other restaurant. Buy him a basket of Gourmet Foods jams, Cheese's, crackers, olives, candies, chocolate and other things that he enjoys munching on. Perhaps buy him a gift certificate to a local movie theater or Museum.

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    dildos. lots of dildos

  • Pearl
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    maybe you should get him a nice puppy from the petstore, he'll love that

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Donate to a charity in his name.

    Pay closer attention in English class in his name.

  • R L
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    1 year ago

    Get grandpa a young hottie for the night...he will appreciate that more than anything...

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    We all have a relative like that. Lots of people who are older and reasonably financially stable own everything they want.

    I like the idea of giving him an experience, especially if it includes time spent with the gift-giver. Dinner and a movie--home cooked and streamed, or out--might be a lovely thing you'd both enjoy.

    The fallbacks for the person who has everything, besides experiences, is something consumable, like food or alcohol. One acquaintance gives her grandparents dinner she brings to their home the first Monday of every month. They get a meal they didn't make and get to see their granddaughter at the same time.

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    gift certificate to his favorite restaurant or whatever store it is he shops at when he "just buys for himself" the things he wants or better yet just take him out to dinner and a movie, that way you are spending time with him plus he can't possibly already own every movie playing in the theater

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    Wool scarf.

    Chess Board?

    Gourmet Basket maybe


    Does he drink? Beer or bourbon mugs

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    This is why I stopped all this gift nonsense years ago....just another day to pass along junk no one really needs.  How about making a donation to his favorite charity or any worthwhile charity in your area in is name?? Or do what I did with an elderly family member that had everything...I baked and canned a boat load of his favorite foods ie. canned spiced peaches in decorative jars, his favorite jams in the same, etc. and put them all in a beautiful basket.. He loved it!!  

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