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americans can you help me about your origins?


Dear Americans, is it true that most of the white americans have got german, irish and then english origins?

Why some americans of english and british origin identify themselves as americans at the census? Why they can't tell their english and british origins, the true americans are the native or it refers to the 13 american colonies so then the wasps?

Who are the wasps exactly?

Why it's done a difference between whites, hispanic and not hispanic? And american with spanish origin are thei white hispanic lotinos or europeans?

How many americans have origins from the 13 colonies?

How many americans have origin from the spanish non-mestizo colonizers? for example like hispanos of N. Mexico, Texas, California

How is decided the american origin map from the various states? For example if the majority of a state has got its own origin (for example german) the colour of the map is according to the majority of the state? I explain my self better: the majority of californians have german origins so is it blue in the map for the german origin.

Question similar to the previous one: an american with more origins decides its origin according to the ethnicity of its ancestors?

please answer all questions 10 point to the best answer

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    Not all of your questions have clear answers, but starting with basic knowledge about people helps.

    * People self-justify their actions and claims. It is easier to provide reasons to justify than admit to being wrong and correct a bad claim.

    * The world and all things in it are seen from one's own point of view and one's own culture and history rather than from an objective view. Subjectivity taints perspective. For example, history says the island of Manhattan was bought from native tribes for about $24 (at the time) of goods. However, we learned later that native Americans of the time did not understand the concept of land titles and land ownership. To them, land cannot be bought and sold as it is not owned. Was it really bought when the two parties did not understand the contract?

    * Majorities tend to try to control the minorities. It is the flaw of a democracy of the 51% ruling, and the purpose of Constitutions and fair courts to protect minorities.

    This is enough to try to answer the question details.

    1) We know in reality people are mobile and all humans have the same original source and we are all distant cousins. It is estimated that about 60% of Americans are white non-Hispanic(198M), and 76% White (251M)

    This was one "origins" heritage identification survey.

    One estimate, 50 million Germany heritage, 41 million African American, 36 million Irish, 32 million Mexican many of Spain before that, 27 million England, 20 million uncertain "Americans", 18 million Italian, 10 million Poland, 12 million France and French Canadian, 6 million Scotland, 5 million Scotch-Irish mix, 5 million Native American, 5 million Dutch, 5 million Puerto Rican and an earlier heritage to get there, 11 million Scandinavian countries, probably about 5 million Chinese, 3 million Russian, 3 million India, 3 million non-Hispanic Caribbean, 3 million Filipino, 2 million Wales (Welsh), 2 million Cubans and their ancestry, 2 million (or more now) El Salvador, 2 million Arabic lands, 2 million Vietnamese, 4 million Czech Romania Hungary, 1.5 million Portugal, 1.5 million Korea making 317 million so 13 million more miscellaneous and mixed and added after this estimate.     

    Question 1:   50 Germany + 36 Irish, 27 England, 6 Scotland, 5 scotch-Irish, 2 Wales = 126M +3 more = 129M/251M = 51.3% of White Americans are German-UK-Ireland-Wales and 129M/198M = 61.5% of White non-Hispanic are of those origins.

    Question 2: The USA is only 300 years old, and grew in area until 1960 (most expansion ended earlier). We intermarry and mix. Few trace heritage more than 3 or 4 generations. I am in my 60's and am fairly certain my 8 great-grandparents were Slavic and Russian origin so of the 7 million total, but as 3 generations born USA I have zero culture link to them. America includes North and South America and some out-Islands like Guam in the Pacific of Spanish origin but American territory. See my preface. True American is a point of view.

    Question 3: WASP =White Anglo Saxon Protestant (Excludes many whites including Catholics and many Protestants) WASP is a minority. It used to be a majority. You can try adding numbers, but toss in religion and it's a subset guess.

    Question 4: See the preface. People like to categorize and "box" into identity groups. Over time, the groups meld and re-form into other groups. Spain to Mexico or Cuba to USA is Hispanic and France to Canada to USA is non-Hispanic even if the original people lived a short walk over a border from each other.

    Question 5: Origin of 13 Colonies? With immigration waves over time and their descendants and disasters and wars and movement, I don't know that there is a guess for this. In 1732, the 13 colonies were complete. Starting at just 2,000 people and growing to over 2 million by 1800. During this time, many Native Americans were displaced. 220 years? How about 16 million of the 330 million? It could be high or low, but it's not very wrong.

    Question 6: How about also 16 million half descendants and half later immigrant descendants? These 5 and 6 questions are just rough guesses.

    Question 7: US States are geographic borders. Only roads get markers. States may have populations of certain origins, but each state would be studied separately. It is hard enough to compile Census surveys of the whole country. I saw a dot map once and there are clusters, but there are enough issues dividing states without adding details of ethic origin.

    Question 8 and overall: The USA is a melting pot of origins and we are supposed to be learning to live together. The city of San Antonio, Texas is over 2/3 Hispanic and proud about how people live in harmony. It is not a good thing to fragment and isolate people and that is destroying our nation now. I show statistics for ACADEMIC purposes. I live in Las Vegas which has many illegal (undocumented) people non-citizens and not authorized VISA, as maybe 8% or so. Yes, there are many from El Salvador. So what! We don't care. Some are good friends. The USA was founded as an escape and refuge and independent and some are causing trouble trying to claim the whole country as their own, where the big issue is skew of wealth, that 40% of the assets are owned by 1% of the people. We should be joining each other - not boxing and categorizing by origin of ancestors.

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