What kind of people make morally evil choices in video games?

What are some real life differences between those who choose to play as good characters in video games and those that play as bad characters? Do choices in video games reflect one's real life morality?

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  • 9 months ago
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    No, choices made in video games do not reflect real life morality. I'm a completionist. If there are multiple endings or options, I have to try them all. That includes the evil ones. I've stabbed people in the back who loved me, left friends to rot in Hell, massacred innocent people, and performed cannibalism more times than I can count, all because I have a need to do everything possible before moving on to the next game.

    However, in the real world with actual people and consequences, I avoid hurting others and try to be a fairly honest person.

    There is no discrepancy in this. A human should be able to easily tell the difference in a game of make believe and the real world.

  • John
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    9 months ago

    most of the time, people enjoy being evil in games because it has no real consequences. sometimes it can just be fun  to play around and terrorize npcs. some people also like to see every ending or route in a game so they have to make evil choices to see everything the game has.

  • 9 months ago

    Everybody that plays video games. 

  • Mikey
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    9 months ago

    Morals are subjective.

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  • 9 months ago

    i believe choices in game reflect REAL life morality and especially in western culture as well, this desire to do wrong and defy is very scary. eg i've seen youtubers like vanoss gaming (team 6) his friends opted to murder innocent people in red dead by throwing them on the train despite not needing to, why?.

    One of the youtubers that kind of associates in the team 6 group (same game) "H2O delirious and Cartoonz played a co-op mission where they murdered the lover of a woman who left her abusive husband to be with him and in the game they shot the guy and mocked her, then they picked her up and said "look what we did to him" then tried to maneuver her eye sight whilst on the shoulder of one of the players to the dead corpse and tried to make her see them shoot the corpse (they failed due to the shotty movement mechanics) then they brought her back and tried to justify their behaviour with "well its not like we know the full story between the husband and wife, and if the husband is really that bad she can divorce him so its not our fault its hers for running away

    LMAO really??? she was happy in the new relationship and left because she could be beaten to death, how does killing a innocent man in love and bringing a woman back to a abusive marriage (whilst mocking her) MORE ethical then divorce where she could be killed?? (i think the husband even thanked the players and said something about keeping her LOCKED up so she can't run away) it pissed me off so much i unsubbed (yes i know its just a game)

    This is MAINLY happening in western culture, it lacks morality, in ethnic cultures eg asian cultures if parents say don't drink they don't because parents words mean something in western culture defying is promoted in cartoons/video games/tvshows/movies and they drink or do drugs as young as 13yrs old 

    Play a team based game eg paladins and merely asking for healing people will say "NO" just to piss you off (defiance) for the sake of it or overwatch people will tell you to "F OFF" despite being polite asking for help/heals etc, seriously i do not picture this in ethnic cultures. From racist slurs to actual players or calling doomfist a monkey just to get a reaction

    This is why people say "X" game is toxic but truth is all games that western players are on are toxic not a specific community of a specific game i.e its the REAL personality brought to the game

    Every game thats required a moral choice i cannot MAKE myself do the immoral choice, i feel too guilty proving you are who the choices you make REGARDLESS if its just a video game, those that disagree are lying to themselves, they chose the evil immoral choice because it reflects the true them!

    Even if i do it (because my curiosity is too strong eg fallout4) i end up reloading a previous save to pretend i never did it. In fallout4 i weighed up all the moral consequences and didn't do it due to what i can benefit

    Source(s): Yes gaming decisions reflect ones idelo
  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    mainly methodists

  • 9 months ago

    it's up to individual preference. i like to play characters with my personality. i know lots of people that like to RPG characters that are their idealized personalities.

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