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How to get stem major study abroad internships in Prague? ?

So my boyfriend works in Prague and I thought of going there as my Study abroad internship as I will be able to spend time with him as well as do an internship to gain credits.

I am an international student majoring in Comp Engineering freshmen year. I want to know if CIEE Global internships which are unpaid worth going for? if not then any other suggestion for interning in Prague with STEM major?

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    Internships are typically for new grads. With only your first year of school, you likely don't qualify to apply, and certainly cannot compete with new/recent grads. International internships are very competitive. If you want to visit your bf over semester break or summer vacation, spend the money to go as a tourist.

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    You just apply, if it's an internship.  But those are competitive.  My oldest son is a senior CS major and did full-time internships with J&J, Garmin, & WayFair.  He's doing Amazon this summer.

    But until he finished his first two years, he couldn't get anything.  So he did research programs at UNT and Purdue SURF instead.

    Companies often have timed coding tests as well as the regular interviews.  So you have to be good.

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