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Timeline about discrimination in Canada?

What are some big events, and events that led up to events involving discrimination of all sorts in Canada. Ex. Residential Schools, Internment Camps etc.

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    The Citizenship Act created the idea of Canadian citizens in 1946.  However, Orientals could not vote until 1949, and women on Native Reserves not until 1960. The native residential school system was officially shut down in 1977, however, there are still residential schools.  However, they are for all students, normally living in remote areas.  Many happen to be native, but, the schools run differently now.

    The Japanese were moved inland during WWII, and they were treated pretty badly before hand.  Germans, however, were not.

    Clearly, much of this had changed, as Canada is seen today as the least racist country in the world.  It exists here, of course, but, not "officially."  Quite the reverse in fact, but, this took many years to happen.

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    Why would you ask something so controversial yet so brave?

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