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Should I be worry this is a sign of lymphoma? I don’t have the rash anymore and lymph nodes with down but I’m still worry ?

I had a crusty and bumpy rush that didn’t itch but had swollen lymph nodes that made it hurt a bit when I touch. Should I worry it’s lymphoma? 

Two swollen lymph nodes behind my neck that were bothering me for two days then pain subsided but I developed a rash. I’m 20 is this cancer? I heard it can look like eczema but be Lynphoma, I know my hands were seriously dry they look like sake skin but I find it weird my lymph node haven’t bother me for awhile and then I felt them bothering me and being a bit swollen then I get this the next day. This happened two weeks ago after I went through a lot of aggravation and stress my sister was in the hospital and I was caring for my youngest sister and besides being crazy worried for my sister and being a second mother for my other sister I had to stay by my grandmothers that gave some extra stress. Also my period was due the next week before this happened. Also the lymph nodes that became bothered was already in large lymph nodes that used to get big on me years ago but stop 

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    Nothing you described looks anything at all like lymphoma symptoms.   There are no lymph nodes in the back of the neck - the posterior nodes are in a line on the side of the neck that goes straight down, starting below the back of your outer ears.  If the lumps are not located on the side of your neck below your ears. they are likely to be myofascial trigger points.  These things are knots in muscles and connective tissue.  Knots tend to develop from muscle tension that commonly occurs when people are stressed. 

    The rash does look like eczema, although its raw enough that it could be or become a skin infection. 

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      This idiot has spammed this same idiotic lie for the last couple of weeks at least 3 times now.   Obviously if she were really concerned instead of just an attention whore they would have seen a doctor by now.

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