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How much money would each of the 100 million households that are not poor have to pay monthly to the poor to eliminate poverty?

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago
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    Its impossible. Everyone would quite working if money was free.

  • Oiy
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    9 months ago

    In the US, it uses the headcount. The family which has an income lower than the poverty line will get the gap from the government. ain sum, it would be equal to the amount of $ the 100m households have to pay in the form of taxes.

  • A.J.
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    9 months ago

    That's not how it has to work. the top 1% owns about 40% of the assets and this skew keeps growing as the rich get richer and richer. The top 30% has received all the nation's growth in wealth since the 1970's after inflation. The minimum age of $3.10 in January 1980 calculates to $10.23 and not $7.25 based only on Consumer Price Index and meanwhile Medical, Housing, Education costs have outpaced inflation by a lot. The median individual income is about $36,000 a year. 1/3 of that is $1000 and that is the median for a 1 bedroom apt nationally. People can't afford to raise a family any more, yet poor people on gov't assist have children as abortion clinics are closed.

    There are 128.58 million households. There aren't 100 million that aren't poor. 60% of the USA households cannot pay a $400 emergency expense without a loan.

    Even Warren Buffett said he pays a lower percent in tax than his secretary. They have cut taxes on the rich and national debt grows and the jobs created pay dirt.

    So Trump's cronies drop 700,000 from food stamps.

    I just can't understand who is supporting the politicians doing this.

    Only the top 10% to 20% need to pay anything as they got all the wealth.

    The Forbes 400 richest Americans are worth over 3 trillion dollars now.

    As of October 2019, the U.S. had 621 billionaires that is a record high.

    Why can't people understand that this shouldn't be about liberal v conservative or black vs white or any other squabbling over little things.

    I think the poor at least deserve an opportunity to succeed. In the current system, the bottom half of the country is in indentured servitude.

  • 9 months ago

    If you make over 30K a year then you are not poor.

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