Help finding a story?

So the setting of the story is related to chinese cultivation.

FL was deeply in love with the ML and they were now adults. The villainess gets in between them and successfully tricks the ML into thinking his feelings for the FL were that of hatred instead of love. Therefore, the ML ends up betraying the FL. The villainess doesn’t even love the ML, she just needs to steal some sort of tool or something. While the villainess steals it, FL catches her and FL dies, refusing to hand it over. The FL then wishes that in her next life, she wishes to have a fresh start. She doesn’t wish hatred upon the ML, but she also doesn’t want to love him anymore. Upon the FL’s death, ML realizes he loved the FL all along and kills the villainess and then himself. Then, both the FL and ML are reborn many years before everything went wrong. FL is indifferent to the ML. The ML is worried because the past events aren’t happening according to his memory. For example, their first meeting was her choosing him as a disciple when they were younger. FL sees ML and specifically chooses a random other kid.

This story is also an ongoing webnovel.

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