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How can I symbolize school subjects with magical abilities? ?

I could use some help thinking up some magical powers that can indirectly symbolize typical school subjects. For example physical education could have super speed as its power. I'm trying to base abilities off subjects like english, maths, sciences, the arts etc. 

I don't mind which subjects so if you think of any ideas for unique subjects that would still be much appreciated!! Sorry for my lack of clear explanation. Thank you!!!!


I don't mind how strange or specific your ideas are... I would love to hear them!!! Anything on english, maths, geography, history, PE, biology, chemisty, physics, art, drama, music or anything else you can think of would be great!!!!!

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    Some ideas:

    English:  ability to speak eloquently (like a Shakespearean play);

    maths:  ability to understand complex things, formulas, algorithms;

    geography:  ability to work with gnomes;

    history:  time travel (like "Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims");

    PE:  super strength, super agility;

    biology:  ability to talk with animals;

    chemistry:  ability to do alchemy ("The Most Holy Trinosophia" by Le Comte de St-Germain);

    physics:  super-scientist;

    art:  ability to make extraordinary paintings;

    drama:  ability to stage illusions;

    music:  ability to make beautiful music of the spheres.

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    History could be linked with time travel, and that's about everything I've got.

    It's hard to find connections between classroom subjects and super powers.  That's because kids fantasize about superpowers because classes are so friggin' boring.

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    History could have hindsight as a superpower.

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    I'm just really hurt rn and won't

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