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How to understand eye prescriptions? ?

I’m curious as to what all of these numbers mean. Can someone explain? I just turned 20, is this good or bad for my age? 

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  • 9 months ago

    The first number tells you how near sighted you are. The second number tells you how much astigmatism you have. The fact that there is a plus in front of it means that you are getting routine eye exams from an ophthalmologist. That's a pretty bad idea unless you have a serious medical condition with your eyes. It means that your refraction was probably done by a technician who went to a two week class or learned on the job instead of by an optometrist who went to four years of optometry school. The last number is the axis. It tells the orientation of your astigmatism. In your case, your cornea is steeper up and down rather than side to side. This is called with the rule astigmatism.

    If you had gone to an optometrist, the exact same prescription would be:

    -4.00 -3.00 x 180

    -3.75 -3.25 x 178

    That doesn't look quite as bad.

  • 9 months ago

    I believe anything over -10 in the UK is considered legally blind. Not to say that people with -10 or more see nothing but black. But they are unable to make out images in any way clearly without correction. I myself am -8 and -7. While it’s considered bad for my age, it’s easily corrected with contacts or glasses. All this to say for age 20, a -7 prescription is pretty strong.

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