computer troubles?

while cleaning up my house i found a box full of flashdrives and portable hard-drives. i went through them all, until i reached the last one, a hard-drive. i plugged it in, opened file explorer and... it crashed. oh well i thought, I'll just shut it with task manager and try again. but, when i tried to change tabs, nothing happened. so i hit ctrl alt del and tried opening task manager from there but again. nothing. i couldn't close or open any windows, couldn't change tabs, couldn't do anything. 

so, i cut my losses and went to do a hard shut down (i know, not a good idea, but i didn't know what else to do). when my computer loaded back up, i was greeted with a screen saying "Fixing (D:) Stage 1: 0% (1 of 1113344); Total: 0%, ETA: -i can't remember-"it's been near 3 hours now, and it's only done 6% (70479 if 1113344, Total 2%, ETA 103:47:09)

is there... anything i can do? should i unplug the hard-drive (every few seconds it makes this... clicking noise)?  restart my computer again? leave it alone?

I'm not the most IT savvy person on the world

please help

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  • Cei
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    4 months ago
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    Well it sounds like a knackered hard drive.

    One thing I'm not sure of, when you rebooted your computer was the portable hard drive still plugged in or not?

    If it is that fixing error is your computer trying to fix it. Just turn off the computer, unplug it the portable hard drive and reboot then throw that drive away - it's dead.

    If the portable hard drive is not plugged in when you reboot it sounds like whatever was on there has corrupted the HDD on your computer.

    Source(s): Never plug portable disks into your computer unless you know what they are.
    • les8ean4 months agoReport

      yeah it was still plugged in.  it sped up a few minutes ago, but not by much.  I'll unplug it and restart. thanks for the advice

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  • 4 months ago

    It's a corrupted hard drive. Abnormal sounds from any hardware, including the hard drive, is not a good sign.

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