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Back in the early 1990s, why were computers like this?

Back in my 1990, I remember my grandpa taking me to the store, and there I saw computers but they were keyboards with a computer built inside of them. Then I saw dot matrix printers. 

The computer was a keyboard and at the top of the keyboard was a cartridge slot. You had to hook the keyboard up to a display screen. 

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    Computer designers were still figuring out what worked best, and that was based on what was available to consumers at the time.

    Computers such as those, like the Commodore 64, the Amiga, the Amstrad, they didn't have a "hard drive". You couldn't store your information in the computer and keep it there after it was switched off, you had to use a floppy disk or a tape to keep your data. Or cartridges, to plug in data for some game, or some new function like getting screenshots.

    They had "ROM" memory, which was a small bit of permanent memory that kept the operating system, and they had RAM memory, which was like the RAM in today's computers, the data is gone when the power is off.

    Why didn't they have hard drives? The price would have been too high at the time, and in the 80s the manufacturers wanted to keep the design simple for an average home getting their first computer. Apart from the monitor (or TV set) it was just one box, which is also the keyboard. And 90% of the time, they were just being used to play games, making them not unlike a console of that era such as the Atari 2600, or the SNES. If you want games, you plug in a joystick, if you want to type stuff then you plug in a printer, and if you want to hack NASA then you plug in a modem.

    Well actually, that was more the 80s, and also maybe 1990, but by 1992 more people were able to get something like a 286 or a 386, which is closer to the computers that we have today, they were computers that could run Windows 3.1, and had a hard drive. And the internet was becoming a thing.

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    In the early 1990's, there were limited requirement for computers and it's had limited use, So they like this. As day per day demand increases, system requirement increases. 

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    That sounds a lot like my old Commodore 64. Dang now I feel old.

  • Maybe you are referring to word processors

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    so... you are over 30 years old and you cant work this out for yourself?

    some 'mastermind'

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