How can I find out who is responsible for "purchasing" at a large grocery store?

I have attempted to find the right person, to express my concerns over a product. "Customer care" got back to me and told me they would forward my concern to the correct person. I never heard back from them. I was disgusted to see my local grocery store carry a brand of milk, whose producers have had 2 undercover investigations showing massive and rampant abuse of the dairy cows. As of Dec 6, 2019 a class action suit was levied against the company. And yet, there is that product on the shelves and people cant seem to get enough of it. It's just unethical.

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    Seems you can only do a few things IF this is a large regional or national chain.  It is unlikely they will put you in touch with "the person" who buys dairy products unless it is a very small local area store.

    1) Complain to store manager.  Complain to customer care.  (done)

    2) Stop buying that brand of milk (assumed done).

    3) Decide:  how far are you going to take this?  

    I mean - if there is such high demand for the product it is unlikely the chain will stop purchasing.   Are you going to form a group bound and determined to pressure the company to take the product of their shelves?  Are you going to start picketing outside the store(s) to raise awareness?   Are you going to plaster social media with the travisty that is going on?

    BEFORE you go through all of that are you CERTAIN no changes have been made at the company and the abuse is still on going?

    Think this all the way through - know your END game and decide if you are going to go all the way.   Be sure you are not slandering or libeling either company as you go about trying to affect your change.

    Good luck.

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    10 months ago

    Suck it up.  You've complained, the company apparently isn't going to stop carrying that line of product.  If they dropped very product someone complained about, the store would be empty is my guess.

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    10 months ago

    'Under investigation' is the key phrase here.

    Till its proven, they can still trade.

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    For a large grocery store chain those decisions are made at a corporate level.  An individual store probably doesn't have much say.  There probably isn't anyone at an individual store that places orders.  Seek out whomever the CEO is for the grocery store chain and complain to them.  

    You could find like minded people in your community to picket the store.

    The best way to send a message is to get people to boycott the store.

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  • 10 months ago

    contact the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

  • 10 months ago

    by asking the store

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