Broken metacarpal bone - will it heal on its own?


3 days ago I broke my pinky metacarpal (boxers fracture is what they called it). I have been to A&E and they put a cast on my forearm and hand, but the cast is only around the bottom of my arm/ hand, and my bone break has left a slight lump on the top of my hand.

I expected them to pop the bone back in place before they made the cast, but they didn't, so now I'm worried that the bone is healing but it will heal in the wrong position. Do you know if metacarpal bones naturally pull them selves back to the correct position as they heal? Or do they have to be pushed and held in place as they heal? my bone was broken almost in the middle and didnt fully snap in half.

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  • 8 months ago

    Back in the old days they used to tape boxers hands so that first major joint of the finger was the point of contact v. the knuckle. They did this if the boxer was short and created about an inch of reach. There are occasions when a boxer would break his hand (s) along the center back of the hand and smash a finger joint or two (even with gloves). I was one of those boxers long ago. Broke every finger in each had several times and broke my hands twice. I Wasn't even any good. Anyway...there's a history lesson. They don't do that any more. Do have the doctor check it may just be swelling.

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