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STI self-identification?

I have been stressing for about 2 days strait now, I have not been able to confirm if a bump on my upper lip is just a pimple or and STI (I assume herpes). First off I know this is Yahoo answers, and I should get tested and see a professional, however neither are an option for me for at least a few weeks. I have experienced no symptoms of a "first breakout", just this one bump. However it does not look or act like a pimple. I know it is almost certainly not but I just want a 2nd opinion. None of my research have been able to provide me with a yes or no, and the last sexual contact I had was over 5 months ago. 

P.s. I expect people to make fun of me or insult me, I ask that you don't, I have anxiety disorder that is amplifying the illogical side of me.

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    Angular Cheilitis is pain full cracks in the corners on the out side of the mouth. 

    Oral herpes is the virus that causes cold sores / fever blisters. Symptoms it can cause are itching, burning and or tingling. Neither of these are considered to be stds, because they can be passed or occur with out having any thing to do with sex. If it's not causing any pain or discomfort then it's unlikely to be oral herpes or Angular Cheilitis. In the link below are things that could cause mouth sores. When you can see a doctor.

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    It could be a cold sore (Herpes 1) which 70% of the population have.  I wouldn't get stressed about having cold sores at all.  It doesn't really look like a cold sore though and looks more like what the other answer said, an infected hair follicle (staph?).  Other ideas to consider are Angular Cheilitis, starting on one side of the corner of your mouth eventually both sides.  Looks minor whatever it is.   

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    From a short post and a not great picture, no that does not look like herpes. It does look like one of the small glands that are around the lip, plugged and maybe tiny infection

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