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Should I have baby or go back to school?

I am 32 years old woman who decided to go back to school for computer science degree. I am planning to start from next summer. (currently working on pre-req at community college) if accepted, it will take two years to complete and I will be 34. I am a foreigner who has been working as an admin but want to have a better career as a software engineer.

The problem is... I started to worry about my age and I feel like I should try to have a baby as soon as possible. I was thinking, maybe one year before graduation might be the best time to get pregnant but I also know that things doesn't go smooth that way.Also I am also worry about the money little bit. I will be full time student and will not make any money. My husband works hard and make enough money for me to go back to school but not enough to have a baby to go to a day care while I'm studying. (we live away from our parents and will not have much support from them. )

Does anyone have similar experiences or any advice?


Adding our financial info:

My husband makes six figures and I used to make 50k. We have only 40k in savings because we just bought a house. (Wasn't thinking about going back to school until recently. I got laid off recently.) The school cost 30k for two years (this is for my second degree since I have on in other country) I also want (try) to get a job as soon as I finish the school. 

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    The baby will only complicate your life by a long shot when it comes to school. 

    You should want a stable foundation for your child anyways, so get that first then have a baby. 34-40 I would say is a relatively fine age to start a family.  

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    Do both it will all work out.

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    Go back to school it's cheaper than a baby.

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    Minus the ability to pay for childcare you very likely won't be able to finish your degree. While it wouldn't be impossible to have a baby at 35+ it does become more difficult after that age. This is obviously something fertility treatment could resolve if your insurance covers that or if you can afford to pay for it. Optimally you'd harvest some eggs now and freeze them, but that can be expensive. Without knowing your specific financial situation it's hard to advise you.

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    Go to college and get your degree. You can have a baby later.

    My mother was 44 when I was born and I'm perfectly well, intellectually and physically. I have a doctorate and run a successful business. Older mothers are not destined to having impaired children. Far from it.

    You have many more fertile years left.

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    You can’t afford a baby. Go back to school. Don’t waste the time you do have.

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    I suggest you definitely finish school first, you need to secure a good career so that your can take care of your baby. Don't worry about time you can even have a baby even up to 36 years old. 40 is when most of your eggs are gone. You're doing great, keep going!

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    CS is hard.  At my son's school, they get about 400 declared majors as freshman, but only graduate about 40 students each year.  The calc 1 and 2 sequence is really fast-paced.

    If you're going to do this, you need your full attention on the task at hand.  So wait for a baby.

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    CS is probably better suited to remote learning than any degree on the planet.  Have your baby/complete your pre-reqs.   Then you can continue your studies from home, distance learning with a newborn beside you.  For those whose brains are wired for logic, CS is a very easy degree.

    Source(s): I'm a CS grad
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