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I’m 20 and a virgin, should I get the hpv vaccine? Also what are the safe ways to have sex without getting hpv without the vaccine?

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    don't !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    9 months ago

    Yes, get it! I have to have my cervix, uterus and Fallopian tubes removed because I must have had it at some point and it caused precancerous cells and now they want to save me from getting cancer by removing my organs and I'm really scared. I am booked in for the operation and don't want to have it but they say it's better for me to have it than get cancer.

    There also literally is no safe way because the HPV virus can be transfered through skin to skin genital contact so condoms don't protect you from it because it just needs to be spread from pelvis to pelvis.

    Having as few partners as possible, not smoking, and not having sex before age 20 are all known ways to reduce the risk though.

    You should have it! Wish I could have!

    Also the younger you are the more likely it is to work apparently. They recommend having it at age 11. But it's thought to work up until age 26.

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    --  I live in Australia and the HPV vaccine is given to all girls at school when the girls turn around 12 (year 7 at school) and has been that way for over a decade.  In recent years it is also given to boys at the same time.

    --  The vaccine prevents against some of the strains of HPV.

    --  A person can contract HPV even without sex, but a condom plus the vaccine are the best prevention.

  • 10 months ago

    If you do not have sex with anybody except for your husband you will not have a problem.

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    10 months ago

    Just get the vaccine. They didn't have it back in the day. I had to have a hysterectomy at 33.

  • The vaccine only prevents the types of HPV that can cause cervical cancer, you can still get other types of HPV even if you get the vaccine. Also you can get HPV even if you use condoms, because it can affect areas of the genitals that condoms don't cover. 

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    Its entirely up to you.  There is no way to prevent HPV except for abstinence.  The vaccine is the next best level of protection, and condoms make only a slight difference.  In my view, getting the vaccine is better than getting HPV or abstaining from sex. 

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    You'd be much safer if you use condoms every time.  Not 100% safe, but like 99.9%.  If you're worried about the HPV, the vaccine is your best bet.  But condoms will protect you from other hazards, like syphilis, gonoreah, and PREGNANCY.

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    10 months ago

    There aren't any guaranteed ways to have sex and NOT get the HPV virus.  You can reduce the chances.  Google safe sex practice.

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