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How to deal with parents who have psychotic anger problems?

All the good things my parents do, they ruin with

their anger-problems. Whenever I make a simple  

mistake, all he-- breaks lose. Is that normal? It got  

so bad, dad would serve on the free-way and threaten  

to drive off the edge or crash into another car. So  

now, my brother hits his girlfriend and I'm left without  

a father-figure or any life-skills. They're all mean  

to me, and they know it. I don't know what to do  

except to stay at the library all day; and stay away  

from them.   

Help! Advice Please

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    The first step  in everything is to recognized that there is a problem. However if the agressor will not seek help or admit  fault then it is very difficult. I assuming that   like most people you your parents are unable to afford counseling.   Sometimes they are over-stressed from work and people around and they will take it out on you.  If you are aware of right and wrong then perhaps the library is not  bad for you and allows you to stay out of trouble.   First  find out out what is troubling them and not push any of their buttons. 

    If you you want to try for a sneak attack, force yourself to do all chores and  have them pity you.   That  will get their attention and say  you just want everyone to get along.  It will work... 

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    When Dad is driving be on your best behavior and don't give him any bad news.

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    i would tell the police about your brother and your dad doing that when hes driving,and maybe you should talk to cps about it too

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    Is it possible that his own father was this way when he was around the age you are now? In a quiet period take him back to when he was then and how he felt when treated unkindly by his parents. Do this sincerely with genuine interest - probably best not during an argument. That said, it might perhaps be effective when emotions are high. It is usually better to ask questions than to say things.  

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