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How am I supposed to wash this?

I just got a faux leather jacket. I ordered it in the mail, and everything is great about it except it has a really awful post-shipping smell. I want to wash it, but the tag says:






So. I have no clue what options I'm left with for cleaning this jacket. I've tried googling it, but nothing has come up. Any solutions?


I have to post a follow-up with some advice of my own. I tried a lot of different things suggested to me.

They helped a little, but not a ton. Eventually I had a random idea that I didn't know if it would work, but totally did.

I got my hairdryer, turned it on cold air, turned my jacket inside out, and ran the dryer all over it. After about 10 minutes, the smell was completely gone. Idk if this will work for everyone, but it totally worked for me. Kind of a speedy way to air it out, I guess!

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  • drip
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    Many garments that are made overseas are sprayed with pesticides to prevent bugs form coming over. Hang it outside if the weather isn’t damp. I worked for a clothing store and every now and again we would get a box that really had an odor to it. 

    Hang it by an open window if it is windy. Or hang it in a doorway with a fan on it.As you wear it, turn it inside out and hang it up in a doorway to air out.

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    I use those little scent pellets next to detergent in target.

    I put a few on item, dry and slip into garbage bag and release air tie it tight let it sit for 24 hours.

    It should smell better then.

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    Hang it where it can get air on it.  Leave it a few days.  If the odor doesn't go away, return it.

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  • Nunya
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    Pour baking soda powder on it to remove the smells. Leave it on overnight and dust it off in the morning. You could also use Febreeze.

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