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was Bob Marley bad for reggae music? Did he curse the entire genre?

I feel like Bob Marley set the bar so high lyricaly, poetcly, and entertaiment wise, that he made it hard for any other reggae artist to succeed. Now when people listen to reggae music they are like.."Nope, this isnt as good as Bob Marley" So they lose interest. Maybe that explains why there hasnt been any reggea hits since bob marleys death. Do you think it would have been better if Bob Marley never existed? Or do you think theres another reason for reggea music not succeeding?

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    I think there were a few years in the early 70s when there were tons of reggae artists making great music. Then the genre gradually lost steam for whatever reason, including Marley himself, who did most of his best work on his earliest recordings. He was probably the most charismatic front man and he wrote some great songs with a distinctive style, but I don't think musically he was really that much better than a lot of his contemporaries.

    Check out some early Trojan Records compilations like the Tighten Up series or the Creation Rockers series.

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    I don't think Bob Marley was bad for reggae, he was great for reggae.

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    Speak for yourself, Gregory Isaacs will always be my #1

    Apparently you know nothing of Reggae beyond your little BS radio. Pity

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    No Bob Marley was the best reggae star that ever lived.

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    I really dont give a tin schit one way another so you are preaching to a choir that is not paying attention. 

    THe best thing to happen to reggae was dub in itself. 

    Your Scientist, Lee Scratch Harvey, Prince Jammy, and King Tubby. 

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    No, he was good for reggae.

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    Disagree. My first exposure was "The Harder They Come" soundtrack and Jimmy Cliff pops in my mind before Marley.

    If it sounds good, it is good.

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