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What’s the deal with Christine in Phantom of the Opera: is she hypnotized or horny?

in Phantom of the Opera, Christine basically shuts down into a dysfunctional puddle whenever the Phantom sings, but later talks about how afraid she is of him and wants to marry the other non-beautiful singing dude. Christine also has known the Phantom’s voice since she was a child via her ‘Angel of Music’, so has it been programming hypnotic signals into her since childhood? Because she didn’t seem at all horny for him when he was the just a ghost voice teacher to her. But then when they put Christine out as bait she also basically shuts down and goes with him against the plans, and seems really turned on based on her lyrics at Point of No Return. So what do you think? Systematic hypnotic  programming or terribly horny and aroused by his physical presence and voice unable to make solid decisions?

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     both and neither.  she certainly seems more physically attracted to the phantom than to the guy she winds up married to, and he's definitely screwing with her head.  but, I think it's also about a war within Christine herself.  the phantom appeals to her darker, less socially acceptable side. she knows she's supposed to be a "good girl" and marry the proper aristocrat and have kids (which at the time would have required her to give up her singing career).  but, part of her wants to live outside social norms and be a great singer and live with the phantom having freaky sex in the catacombs.  

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