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How can I help this person?

Everything I seem to do is wrong, or I can’t find the right words to say to her...

The person I like (lets call her cherry) is someone who hides her feelings. Since I don’t really know her that well, I didn’t know she even hid the way she feels until recently, when she told me that I should get over her because she, quote “will ruin” me. She thinks that I’d hate how to deal with her e.g calming her down or cheering her up.. Cherry is a very kind and sweet person, and it hurt me when she belittled herself in this conversation. She was trying to push me away... I want to be able to help her and not make her go through her pain by herself, but I don’t know how to convince her to let me in and trust me...

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    Actions are louder than words. Pick up and call her or video chat with her, start a conversation with her on a text/social media message or meet her at a coffee shop. Every now and then do your best to show her that you care for her.

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    Perhaps she has a mental or emotional illness and is in therapy.

    You cannot help with this because you are NOT A MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL.  

    However, if you want to know her better, ask her out for coffee and ask her a couple of pointed questions about herself.  Either she will be comfortable telling you or she will stone wall you.

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