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Does the motor honey trick work? Why won’t my car work?

I was trying to limp my car back to Indiana from the college in Miami fl. It made thick bluish white smoke and often ran low on coolant. I figured it was an oil burning issue and stopped at Publix, one of the people their said that some car oils have a certain percentage of honey in them, and there is a trick called motor honey where adding honey to the engine oil will increase its viscosity to make it burn less.

 I dumped one of those bear shaped honey jars into the oil dipstick hole and then continued driving along, but by the time I had reached the Ocala area the engine was running really rough and making rubbing sounds and it sometimes squeeled. Eventually it made a loud pop and gave out.

Is there any easy way to fix the 1995 dodge stratus? How do I get back to Indiana from Ocala Florida?

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  • lee g
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    9 months ago

    Someone may have been getting commission on honey sales me thinks young man. 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Dude, all you have to do is send me all of your money. Are you that stupid? There's no honey in motor oil. He's telling everyone how gullible you are & that you didn't even hod him responsible. Stay home. College is way over your head.

  • 9 months ago

    LMFAO..........Try 2 or 3 more jars of motor honey. 

    This engine is toast, and you're to blame. A Dodge Stratus isn't worth fixing. It has a trade-in value of about 400 dollars if still running, and zero as is.  Time for a newer car.

  • 9 months ago

    You're likely to seize the engine adding honey or any sugary substance to the oil. You might not go a mile before the engine locks up. "Motor Honey" is an oil thickener that does not contain honey. It is thick like honey is thick. Whoever told you to put honey in your engine only wants to hurt you. Oil burning in an engine can be corrected by a mechanic and usually by replacing worn out parts. This "honey trick" you were told about is just a DIRTY TRICK on you.

    Your engine overheated and the cylinders are likely seriously galled  from lubrication failure and that damage is permanent. No additive can fix that. That much heat often makes the pistons expand to the point they no longer fit the cylinders. There also can be head gasket damage as the head warps.

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  • 9 months ago

    Bear shaped? That sounds like real Honey, not the oil additive. Haha!

    STP is a similar product. Head gaskets don't "blow", the cylinder heads warp over time and can allow oil to get sucked into the combustion cycle or leak outside the engine or coolant gets into the combustion cycle or leaks outside the engine. 

    Sounds like it's time for a rebuilt engine if the car is worth keeping. 

    Good Luck!

  • 9 months ago

    Sounds like you may have a blown head gasket. Oil additives are not going to fix it.

  • 9 months ago

    That was a dumb thing to do jojo. You just told us that the coolant keeps disappearing so you go and put edible honey in the motor oil?!

    You likely have a blown head gasket and now you messed up the lubricated parts by putting honey in your motor oil. Time for a new car!

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Use public transport and put a replacement engine in your car. Oh and learn how to ignore the 'advice' of cretins.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    I hear hitch hiking isn't crowded any more. Too many people get murdered. I'm a 72 year old woman and I know better than to put honey in my engine!

  • arther
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    9 months ago

    you start walking

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