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Should I rehome my dog?

I have a 5 month old puppy... he’s an *** but I love him. He needs training which will begin late January. However when we got him my husband was different he was excited and happy but now he just doesn’t like our puppy. He says it’s your dog you take care of it if he has to go potty and I’m with the kids. He eventually takes him out but complains so much. He’s had another dog he grew up with till he moved with me and he said he was the perfect dog so I thought he’d love this one too. We also have two kids we keep them separate unless we can supervise. he’s gotten increasingly nippy towards me he’ll growl and jump up try to bite my arms or legs. Anyways growing up a family member was not good to my dogs I never got to keep one longer than 2ish years and I loved dogs. That’s same family member was abusive to my favorite dog a gsd he became very aggressive towards everyone and bit me, it broke my heart so for years I never wanted another dog. Until this one and now I feel like I made the wrong choice I think I was so selfish and dumb in getting a dog but it’s a life time commitment so I don’t know what to do I love him and don’t want to loose yet another dog but is it for the best? I feel like the worst person in the world for thinking of rehoming him. I’m so lost and sorry this is all over the place I’m crying.


He is crate trained and fully potty trained, he sits before he receives anything including his food. He knows a couple other commands he’s just overly excited I have been working on it. When we got him we had a big savings account and after my husband lost his job he’s been dealing with depression since getting hurt at his last job. So now we’re just getting back on our feet again. But our puppy has everything he needs and we’ve never missed a vet appointment or anything. He’s well taken care of

Update 2:

Also my toddler is not allowed to hurt out puppy he only pets when the puppy is calm and he’s never allowed to mount, hug, pull on the puppy at all. He’s pretty good with the kids it’s only when he gets excited and starts to take all my kids toys when they get frustrated so I again separate them. He doesn’t nip at them like I said he nips at me only. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It's your job as his wife to care for the puppy. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Sorry but I got bored and didn't finish.

    Yes, rehome the dog to keep it safe.

    I'd also rehome the husband.

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  • 1 month ago

    It sounds like it is just a matter of training. A dog without training is a royal pain in the A$$. Training it vital for any dog.

    By now you should have taught him not to bite & fully potty trained. Now you should be working on Obedience training to learn the very basics of training.

    You just may need to learn more about dogs & how to train them. A well trained dog is pure pleasure to own & it impresses people when they see an obedient dog.

    You just need to learn how to train your dog. There are instruction on how to do this in many forms. You can google Basic Obedience & train the dog yourself, you can buy dog training books & train the dog yourself or you can join an Obedience Class & learn with an instructor.

    I preferred the classes back when I was training.

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  • 1 month ago

    So you got a dog, you don't want it any more and are looking for excuses to throw it away. Don't get any more pets

    Your husband is right, its YOUR dog and you need to take care of it instead of expecting him to do it. He shouldn't have to take care of YOUR dog 

    You also need to TRAIN your kids to treat the dog right and smack them like a good parent. 

    The dog behaves badly due to YOU not training it. No one is going to want your untrained dog and will just either sell it or dump it at a shelter were it won't get adopted due to YOU not training it 

    • Anonymous1 month agoReport

      He knows some commands I have been training him there’s just some things I can’t do. I’m not going to smack my kids they know not to disrespect our dog. My toddler is not allowed to pull, hug, mount, or do anything other than pet him. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Don't feel too bad, re-homing him is the right thing to do. Dogs need as much attention as children and right now you just don't have the time. It would be unfair to the puppy to keep him in a home where he's not wanted by everyone.

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  • 1 month ago

    This is hard for me to give you a straight yes or no, on.  I have done rescue & adoption for years for my breed.  When everyone in the home - WAS NOT "ON BOARD" we found placing dogs in such a home - DID NOT WORK OUT.  

    In your case, you claim (at first) your husband WAS excited or okay with getting the puppy.  But for reasons I am not clearly understanding; he is NOT "okay" anymore.  What happened or transpired?  Does he hold RESENTMENT - that he "had" the perfect dog BEFORE moving in with you... but left it with his parents or GAVE it - to somebody else?

    Was this puppy supposed to be YOUR DOG from the get-go?  It certainly seems to be ONLY your dog and not a family pet - now.  That's a BIGGIE.  Any puppy should have been viewed not unlike adding another child - BOTH of your responsibilities to train & exercise.  Instead; hubby sounds like the working mother (in most homes) where the father happily got a puppy & then dumped the dog and all entailing responsibilities on - when she already has responsibility for the kids, the house & her outside "job".  

    Puppies should have started being trained in BASIC MANNERS within the home from DAY ONE. So again, where did this go OFF the RAILS?  At 5 months, the puppy should be: crate-trained, housebroken, collar trained, leash-broken & able to sit for; his bowl, treats & leash being put on, and largely or entirely OVER "the biting stage" - due to YOUR (plural) CONSTANT TRAINING of him NOT TO BITE (especially since you have children of UNKNOWN ages.)  NONE of that, requires setting foot in a formal class.

    The children & the puppy are problematic.  I do NOT advocate EVER getting any dog before the youngest child is age 6.  Children younger than 6 yrs. DO NOT understand cause & effect.  Children and ALL dogs need to be supervised in all interactions - and esp young children, can inadvertently be abusive, or tease the dog and that can get them bitten.  Under-exercised and/or untrained puppies/dogs can be too rambunctious and inadvertently hurt the children.  And certainly, if you have not managed to teach the puppy who IS IN CHARGE (in your home) and stop the nipping, play biting or mouthing - that's BEGINNING TO BE PROBLEMATIC FOR EVERYBODY.

    The formal training in a puppy or basic obedience class needs to have started at 3.5 to 4 months.  WHY did that NOT happen, and WHY are you WAITING until January, when you now have biting issues arising?  Yes, you can contact your vet, any rescue group or maybe the shelter/SPCA for advice or for referral to a trainer.  You can get a PRIVATE trainer to come to you and help you (ASAP) and YOU SHOULD!  

    However, if husband will still not support any efforts, and also work on in-home training & getting puppy enough DAILY (aerobic exercise) yes, you may need to re-home the dog.  [A tired dog is always a better behaved dog - because it has NO CHOICE.]

    If you bought the puppy from a RESPONSIBLE breeder;  then your first call should be to them for help or advice, or a possible return.   They need to know they FAILED to properly interview & educate your family - before selling the puppy to you.  They should at least HELP you find a new home, if they are not willing to take the puppy back.  If you adopted from a rescue or shelter they need to be called for help or advice or a about return (because you have SIGNED a CONTRACT with them, concerning any re-homing of said animal).  Normally, all adopted dogs MUST GO BACK to the place you got them from.  If you cannot manage the puppy - I have real doubts you can "properly" pick out a new and better home than the professionals can.  At least a good rescue group would do some TRAINING & stop the biting before re-homing this puppy and they would MAKE SURE he was neutered.

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    • Anonymous1 month agoReport

      Also I take care of the kids, house, and dog while my husband works so when he comes home he is tired and simply letting him out is hard I guess I was more so ranting in my question sorry

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  • 1 month ago

    Why on earth are you waiting to start training til this dog is 6 months old?

    Basic manners should start the moment you bring the dog home. Both my dogs were started the moment I met them.

    I use all POSITIVE training methods, you can look up what this is. Neither of my dogs as ever been “corrected” (read PUNISHED). I lure or guide them to what I want to do, going in steps that the dog can easily learn. When they do what I want, they get a treat. When they don’t, or do something bad, or make a mistake, I ignore it, so all their interactions with me are positive.

    My dogs are some of the most sweet, lovable dogs anyone has ever met, I hear that all the time. I started by picking happy puppies, then have trained them and absorbed them into my life and lifestyle in a way that gives them every opportunity to succeed and feel good about themselves.

    Great dogs don’t just happen, they are guided to greatness by their human companions. In getting this puppy and not bothering to learn how to work with him you’ve basically handicapped him and now you seem to be blaming him for your own failure. LOTS of people do this, they get a puppy, don’t give it what it needs, then blame it on the dog and basically throw it away (rehome my @ss).

    Shame on you.

    • Anonymous1 month agoReport

      No I’m not throwing him out I was ranting in my post We have never “punished” him even for accidents because they are our fault they happen. We’ve been going through some rough stuff financially which is why we have to wait but I have been training him at home I just don’t know how to do everything 

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  • Jojo
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    From what you have wrote I would say, for the pups sake , yes do rehome him with someone who can spend the time with him each to train him and walk him each day.

    Put your own feelings aside and do what is best for  this pup. At this age he is very adaptable and will not find a change of environment and owner a big deal.

    Source(s): GSD owner for 57 years (UK)
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  • PR
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You have various things going on, and need to look at each:

    1. Husband's attitude: If hubby isn't going to help, it's going to be hard. That doesn't mean it can't be done, but would be easier with his cooperation. You and he will need to decide this.

    2. House training: Without cooperation on this, it will also be harder. If he is already trained, you are very much ahead. If not, you need a dog cage to make this much more successful, and easier. Cage training is a consistent way to train a dog.

    3. Nipping/biting/growling: This is called "play biting" or "play fighting". Your dog is right in the middle of this stage. It will subside, but this is PLAY, and very likely NOT aggression. Look this up. There are various ways to calm a wound-up, playful pup. Ask for a sit, or roll over to his back for a tummy rub, or PUT IN THE DOG CAGE for just a little cool down period, no scolding.

    4. Separating from the kids: Again, if the dog is given some periods of cool down in cage, you'll have an easier time. ALWAYS praise when putting in cage, AND give a treat. Cage should never be a punishment, nor major part of his life. Cage should also be in main living area.

    Do these:

    -Walk the pup, daily.

    -Play with the pup.

    -Teach dog to sit, using treats, and do this frequently. Start this right away.

    -Put outside for potty on a long rope if no caged yard, treat after and praise. This would be easier than taking out.

    -Dog cage for some calm times.

    -Read more about puppy behavior, as well as play biting/fighting

    -Talk with members of an animal rescue league about tips on the issues you're having (at pet supply stores on weekends)

    -Continue with plans for training classes.

    -Ask husband for help in some of this.

    -Talk with hubby about this plan and if he is onboard and what he thinks.

    It's a lot of work. It can be done, but everyone needs to cooperate. See if you can get that in place. If these things don't work, consider an older dog who is already trained.

    • Anonymous1 month agoReport

      Thank you I will do what you have said we are also getting a trainer sooner than Jan we have just been going through some things. I updated my question too

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