circumstance and situation , their meaings are the same?

circumstance and situation, are they always interchangeable?

what are the differences between them?

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  • 9 months ago
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    Not exactly but often you can use either and give essentially the same meaning.    Situation is more of a place or condition-type idea that exists (at least in part if not in total) because of the circumstances.  The circumstances are part of what defines the situation, so often, when you say "situation" you mean "circumstances" because situation is mostly defined by circumstances (the situation is made up of parts which include the individual circumstances), much like a face is made up of many different features, so a handsome face means "all the features taken together" and you can say handsome features in many situations yet mean exactly the same as handsome face.

    The main difference between circumstances and situation is that circumstances refers to each and every thing but considered all at once, whereas situation refers to the totality without actual references to its distinct parts.

    If you want to describe the situation, you will most definitely end up listing the circumstances, and by listing the circumstances, you end up describing a situation.

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