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Can you list some good Geopolitical/military/espionage thriller writers?

Besides Tom Clancy, Jeff Abbott and Mark Sullivan. I've read enough of them to know they're good. I've read just one book by the following: Gerald Seymour, Frederick Forsyth. I liked those books. Will buy more.

And *please* for the love of God dont tell me Vince Flynn! I read 2 of his...and I dont like the gruesomeness.


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  • j153e
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    8 months ago
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    You might try these popular authors, each with a series, to see if they write without gruesomeness to your standards:

    Brad Thor, "Code of Conduct;"

    Daniel Silva, "The New Girl;"

    James Rollins, "Bloodline;"

    Dan Brown, "The Lost Symbol."

  • Ludwig
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    8 months ago

    John Le Carre .

  • 8 months ago

    Why are you on this site asking what books to read but telling people what books not to suggest? Find more books the same way you found those you've read.

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