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Does anyone else feel physically uncomfortable to be touched/rubbed/scratched?

Like, not just "i dont like being touched, plz stop" but actually physically doesnt really feel good unless its done a certain way? If you rub or scritch a spot on me for too long it starts to, not nescesarrily hurt (at least not enough to really call it painful) but just feels physically uncomfortable, unless its like super feather light. Does anyone else get this? A friend said once it could be fibromyalgia but idk.

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  • 9 months ago

    FMS would more likely be pain, could be a simple sensory processing issue.

    FMS also has many more symptoms....and is highly over diagnosed, most people actually have something else.

  • k w
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    9 months ago

    The fear of being touched, just may be a red flag to an ugly fact of them somehow being abused, and they won't want to talk about it.....and you wouldn't want to force them to relive that either, right !

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