moral issues?

what do you think are the top 5 moral issues facing humanity?

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    1 year ago
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    1. Overpopulation

    2. Religious indoctrination

    3. Environmental destruction

    4. Physical and mental health

    5. Poverty

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    climate change is one

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    Slavery as there are about 30 million slaves in the world more than at the time of the civil war in America. Child marriage which occurs in many Muslim countries but in other countries too. Then there is the fact that there have been a number of Genocides since the Holocaust in WWII in Cambodia by Pol Pot, in Rwanda, in Darfur Sudan and others. Then thee are countries who have various forms of Despots for rulers such as Dictators or Kings and Religious rulers such as in Iran. The people in these countries do not have basic freedoms or protection of just laws. Then there is general abuse of vulnerable people such as women, children, the elderly and the mentally ill or otherwise handicapped people.

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    Greed. Deceit, Cowardice, Selfishness, Rashness.

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    -Lack of focus on, and adherence to, God and Jesus 

    -Abortion. It’s mass infanticide of precious innocent human children 

    -Slavery in the third world

    -Sexual immorality on so many levels.... porn, premarital sex, abortions, all lead to the destruction of nuclear families and leads to future children growing up badly without a proper raising from parents 

    -Narcissism, ego, self praise, vanity, etc which all kind of came about with social media

    -Rampant lying. We live in a world of perpetual and blatant dishonesty on so many levels. We’ve become so dishonest, that the truth actually offends people now because we live on a mountain self-lies

    I mean there’s a lot of moral issues out there, but I’d say these are the top 6 (I know you wanted 5, but I had to also add in number 6) 

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    premarital sex,



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