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Americans hate each other. True or False?

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    There's a lot of division between people taking sides politically,  or for other religious groups,  and activist causes.  It's a plethora of problems that people seem to think is best solved by adding more and more new issues.  Much of it is only hypothetical,  however,  collapse appears much more immanent for now. There are certain sins people refuse to believe are sins anymore,  while educating them sounds judgmental,  and righteousness is a bad word.  Things don't look good at all.  Meanwhile,  "think positive" is what the people with resources want to teach us is the solution.  Of course when those people are murdered by angry mobs we'll all have to wonder if they were right,  or if things would have fell apart no matter how positive people were. That's not me trying to scare people into righteousness,  that's just me telling the scary truth about evils effect on our society. 

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    Uncertain. Can be true for some, false for others

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    People are people, wherever you go.

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    Groups of Americans hate other groups of Americans, so individuals hate groups. If structured that way, true. It is caused mostly by the wealthy in control keeping Americans arguing with each other as they get richer and richer. Hundreds of new billionaires this year and the 400 richest are now worth $3 Trillion. To keep that control they have people divided at base level.

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  • 8 months ago

    I'm an American, and I don't hate anyone.

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