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Does leukemia happen randomly or is there always a risk factor?

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    All disease is a result of the environment coming into contact with a person's genome. There's always an environmental factor along with a genetic factor that renders a person susceptible to disease. We don't always know what those factors are but some people have a higher incidence of exposure to certain chemicals and radiation. 

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    Diseases that only have risk factors are actually mostly random (otherwise, these risk factors would be classed as causes) For example, smoking is a risk factor for lung cancer; most long time smokers don't actually get cancer (although they suffer from other incurable diseases much more often)

    Leukemia is mostly random, like all forms of cancer.

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    9 months ago

    The true cause of most cancers isn't known (regardless of "risk factors").   A few have a genetic component where someone is predisposed for the cancer, but  that doesn't guarantee they'll get it.  With the rest,  I wouldn't call it random, because there IS something that starts the cell mutations.  We just don't know what it is.  Leukemia is in this category. Nobody knows how or why it happens.

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