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Why don’t I relate to my rising sign?

My rising is taurus and from what I have read about them being lazy, practical, materialistic, and resistant to change and adventure, I don’t relate to this at all. These traits don’t describe me, so I was wondering if someone could explain if it has to do with another sign in my chart. I am naturally adventurous and restless. My sun is in Sagittarius and my chart has 4 Sagittarius in it overall, so maybe this could have something to do with it? I relate greatly with Sagittarius. Additionally, my moon is in scorpio. I am also still a teenager, so will my ascendant fit me more as I get older? I hope not…

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    well, Taurus is similar to Sagittarius in some ways and your rising sign doesn't influence your core personality. It influences how other's see you. Other people would see you as hungry, strong, and lazy at first glance.

  • adrian
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    9 months ago

    No body knows ‘!!

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    Honestly? It is because humans are adaptable and from the moment of your birth you are changing and adapting to your environment. No two individuals are the same even if born at same exact time in the same general location. At any given time what you described is not birthday sign is human behavior characteristics and humans can be that way one moment and totally opposite with other circumstances. 

    If you want proof of this because you are young, go talk to some senior citizens who have lived a long life. Some of their lives are filled with constant challenges. Ask them their birthday, how they adapted and are they the same as they were before the life challenge? Not one of them will look to man made astrology because they know the key to their survival thus far, came from adapting skills. They know survival is the first law of nature. 

    It is your natural instinct and mentality..we are not programmed by planets nor do they rule us or describe us.  When you recognize the god in you, you become empowered and will not need a superficial man made up personality.

    Make it a good day 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    I don't relate to my Rising sign at all either and never had. As a woman, I have always related to my Moon sign the most. I'm in my late 20s btw.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    What's Venus doing in your chart and where is she?  Nothing in the chart acts in a vacuum. 

    From Christian Astrology (1647)

    Taurus is an earthly, cold, dry, melancholy (sic) feminine, nocturnal, Fixed, domestic or bestial sign of the earthly triplicity, and south, the night house of Venus. Notice what's missing?  Yeah "Personality." Move over to Taurus ruling planet, Venus: "She signals a quiet man, not given to Law, Quarrel or wrangling, not vicious, pleasant, neat, spruce, loving mirth in his words and actions, rather drinking much than gluttony, prone to venery, often entangled in love matters, zealous in their affections.Not given to law probably means not a lawyer or getting involved in court cases. Loving mirth in words and actions might be translated into "Good Time Charlie." "Venery" today is called promiscuity. Venus rules Taurus.  You have to combine what was written about Taurus with what was written about Venus to get to the heart of the person and we haven't started with aspects to Venus or the ASC. If the rising sign alone was sufficient to describe us, there would be 12 personalities in the world all reacting to things the same way.  We know that isn't true.  So again, I ask, what is Venus doing in your chart?  From the comments: "My Venus is in Sagittarius in the eighth house"You also noted in your question: "I relate greatly to Sagittarius."  That makes perfect since since your ascendant ruler is in Sagittarius. Furthermore, Sagittarius is anything but the way you described Taurus.  So it is more likely you will be fond of Sagittarius like things, travel, possibly philosophy or religion or just learning. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and his condition will also affect Venus.  Fortunately neither Venus nor Jupiter have anything to do with death, but the 8th house does.  So other 8th house issues will apply, spouse's money, and maybe hidden or occult things.I missed the part where you said you were a teenager. Things always change as we always change. But the inherent characteristics rarely change.  So while you might really enjoy world travel and read about it a lot as a teenager, you might actually go places as an adult. But you bring up a good point. The personality descriptions in astrology books generally pertain to someone about 30-35 years old.  The good news is that what you wrote about Taurus isn't accurate at al,l so you won't automatically devolve into a slothful, stubborn, greedy mess after your 25th birthday. But the way you look at Taurus might change and you'll probably be satisfied with yourself. 

  • Janet
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    9 months ago

    Your Rising Sign is not a planet. It is whatever Sign was rising over the eastern horizon at the time you were born, as seen from the latitude of your birthplace.

    In astrology, WE are our "planets" (including Sun and Moon), with each planet representing a different facet of our personality, a different inner need (which drives our behaviors, which IS what our personality is).

    The Ascendant, not being a planet, is not part of your personality. It is the "social mask" you put on when meeting others, when in a group where you are not totally relaxed. And the less-comfortable you are, the more you hide your true self beneath the actions of your Rising Sign .. until you do become comfortable.

    Taurus Rising will try to be non-reactive, calm, placid, not show too much emotion or let too much of their inner feelings show in the social situation .. until they feel comfortable in that situation.

    If you have a Sign that has a lot of planets in it, that can override your social mask. If you have a particular planet that is very strong in your birthchart (by aspect), it can override your social mask.

    And those who identify strongly as being their social mask are those who are not very much in touch with their true inner self. Instead, they identify with how they act in social situations, rather than understanding themselves.

    Will you Ascendant "fit you more" as you get older. Not more. Maybe less, as we learn to become increasingly comfortable when in a new social situation (therefore we don't need to hide behind our social mask as much).

    In your case having 4 planets in Sagittarius, having Taurus Rising HELPS you stay balanced in social situations, rather than becoming overwhelmingly Sagittarian. The Moon in Scorpio also helps temper your Sagittarius planets, and also those Sagittarius planets help lighten the emotional intensity of Moon in Scorpio.

    We always take the chart AS a whole, and even when we are looking at just one factor, we consider how all the other factors blend in and modify that one factor.

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    9 months ago

    Astrology are fake


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