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Is it true that longevity is genetically based and actually has little to do with diet and exercise ?

Is there evidence to the contrary? 

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    It's both, but longevity among other things is VERY complicated and it is not just one thing that governs how long you live.  If you come from a family of longed lived people, you could still have a car accident or die in a plane crash.  OR if you smoke or drink that will lower your life expectancy as well. 

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    8 months ago

    Aging is defined by cellular degeneration. That is coded by RNA as seen with epigenetic genes triggered by starvation or on the other side of the coin, progeria syndrome where people have all the issues associated with old age by age 10. Another thing to think of is the way we consider "dog years."

    Dogs are animals that live hot, run fast and die soon. Things like fruit flies also have short lives while tortoises live well over 100. The factor seeming to be evolution has selected for organisms to live in a near perfect parabola according to the organism's wear and tear. Whereas a fruit fly runs at full speed 24/7 for 7 days, almost like how we would test sneakers on a machine that makes them bend for 24/7 to see how long they last, humans go on and off the way they actually wear sneakers. The fact is, there was possibly a tribe where they lived to 150 but they all died because they were distracted taking care of their great great great grandparents and those genes don't live on anymore. Another tribe may have died at 15, but they didn't bring enough babies to term.

    Diet and exercise can wear or support your cells but when the code says you're done, you'll keel over with organic kale in your mouth.

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    There is a tendency to over emphasize the importance of diet on longevity.   Eggs used to be bad. Now they are good.  A recent study said the evidence against red meat is very weak, and could be out weighed by the benefits.   On the other hand, there is a strong correlation between obesity and mortality.

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    genes is the foundation, but if it is not supplemented by diet and exercise , it does not work

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  • Louis
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    8 months ago

    Genetics is important. but it is not a major factor. The latest studies seem to indicate that genetics is only 20 to 30 percent of longevity is due to genetics. 

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    I'm no scientist, but I think diet and exercise are more important than you think. Eating mostly fast food will lead to colon cancer, and lack of exercise will lead to heart attacks, usually.

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