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Is Trump hiding his taxes because he doesn't even have the equivalent of what his father loaned him when he keeps saying how rich he is?

First he lost all the millions of dollars his father gave/loaned him and then he started taking loans from Russia?

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  • bobby
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    8 months ago

    Trump is not hiding his taxes,  it's the fact that his taxes are nobody's business and I could care less about them.  His taxes is irrelevant to the great job he has done for this country.

  • 8 months ago

    May have Trump over estimate his wealth? sure, has Trump been stingy on donations to charity I am sure, Is the requirement to run for President is to show your Tax's Nope, the mere believe that Trump is comprise by Russian force Trump to turn over his Tax's is absurd theory if all branch's are equal 

  • 8 months ago

    Jesus, you autistic assholes and your obsession with Russia.. There is no evidence of a Russia Trump conspiracy.. how many times does this have to be investigated, and conclude with the same result before you compulsive obsessive retards will let go of it?

    Hurr de durp, Russian agent.. jesus bloody wept..

  • Brian
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    8 months ago

    Would not surprise me. He gets the money from his Russian Wife.

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