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Should I stick with my major ? ?

Ok soo I’ve been going to this 2 year college for fashion design and I’m not sure if I should stick with it. It wasn’t so bad in the beginning but I noticed that I’m not progressing when it comes to my sewing or any type of garment construction. I really like to illustrate and could always pick up on that fairly quickly but as for actually making the clothing...not so much.

 I always think the clothes come out looking somewhat decent but I always receive poor grades on them. I’m really stuck on what to do. I love fashion and the whole concept of it and plan to do something related to it with my career , I just don’t know if it should be design. Because if I can’t execute the ideas into actual wearable clothing , what’s the point ?

 I have 1 more semester left until I get my associates so of course I would love to finish and get my degree but it’s really making me unhappy. Everything from the grades , to the teachers/ schooling environment in just ready to leave . Like I said I know I have 1 more semester left but I also feel like it’s not worth omg sacrificing my happiness or emotional well being. Let me know if you have any advice ! 

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    Okay, accept the fact that your construction, sewing skills are not making the grade, and you are NOT going to be a designer. Perhaps you could use what you love & know in some related work - illustration, fashion photography, fashion show organization, fashion marketing, retail, something. Explore alternatives & find your own niche.

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    I know it may not sound good, but you should stick with it. There are always going to be things you dislike in any profession, you just have to work through them and remember why you chose it. There are many parts of fashion design that need you theorizing designs, then you can pass them on to those who make it:

    Computer-Aided Pattern Drafting.

    Fashion Retail Internship.

    Fashion Show Production.

    Fashion Sketching and Drawing.

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    You're not going to be sewing your own samples in "real life." While it's good to have sewing, pattern drafting, and draping experience, they're not essential to your functions as a fashion designer. You'd be working with production factories on a large scale, or professional pattern makers on a small scale. 

    In any event, it seems silly to chuck it at this point, when you only have one semester left. 

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    It depends if you're really good at it.  There aren't a lot of jobs in that area. 

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