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What are some tips and tricks to creative writing?

I have several ideas in my head that I think would make for a decent novel, maybe even a series if I got lucky enough. However, I'm a HORRENDOUS creative writer and can never get them to actually turn out well.

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    Well, having a realistic view on one's own writing capabilities is a good start. It means that you can see your own flaws, and that you're probably willing to learn how to fix them.

    The good news is that many writing techniques are something that can be learned, just like with everything else. It just takes dedication and hard work. I'm not saying that's all it takes to become a brilliant writer, but it should be enough to become an adequate writer.If you can spot your own main weakness, then start with that. You can take courses/classes, join workshops, or do your own research (there are a lot of internet resources). I joined a writing workshop when I first started out and it was invaluable, because it showed me what I needed to work on and opened my eyes to story structure, telling vs. showing, dialogue tags and beats, filters, overuse of -ly adverbs, sentence structure etc.

    Basically, the workshop taught me that there is much more to creative writing than proper grammar and spelling, and what I needed to do to improve.So, my tip is to study the craft and read a lot of books on top of that.

    Good luck!

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    8 months ago

    There's online lessons if you're willing to.

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    The best way is just to keep on writing, keep working on your craft, practice and more practice. 

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    Work with shorter forms. Short stories and flash fiction take focus and are easier than trying to flesh out a 60,000 word novel.

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    Jon, writing competently--not with brilliance or lyricism, but perfectly decently--is a skill anyone can learn if they're willing to work at it. And competence is all that's required. I'm doing great to get one lyrical sentence per chapter.

    Where many first-timers stumble is the planning, in detail start to finish, then in writing only what needs to be there for the story to progress or the character(s) to be fully formed. (It's so easy to self-distract, going off on a tangent about how the boat was made or what the decaying mansion looks like, what the beauty is wearing, or why the town is named Tango.) You master showing rather than telling, killing really good sentences, paragraphs, or chapters that don't fulfill the two basic needs, mastering how to illuminate character, handling flashbacks and characters' backgrounds, pacing, all the intricacies of grammar and punctuation, everything, as a learn-by-doing matter.

    Your first efforts are poor and you know it--and that's perfectly all right. Get yourself some critique, in person or online, from people who know their stuff, and keep working. By the time you've written a million original words (alas, rewrites don't count), you'll be about as good as you're going to get.

    But start with a really good plan. What form you use doesn't matter, so long as it works for you. I know people who use a spreadsheet with plot points, or the long synopsis (like 20 single-spaced pages), outlines, diagrams, the snowflake method--and they're all fine if they get the job done.

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    You have to start somewhere.  When I started writing, I did one and a half pages.  I had mixed feelings.  First, it was easier than I thought it would be.  Secondly, I knew I'd need to work at it.  So get started, even if it stinks.  You'll get better.

    The Master of Perception:

     Catch a Falling Star:

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    Their are no tricks to creative writing. Just start writing or typing your ideas and don't expect immediate success. It takes time, patience. and hard work. People involved in the arts are usually their own worst critics, so try not to be to hard on yourself.

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    Find a mentorrrr

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    There are no tricks to creative writing. It simply takes a lot of hard work and discipline to craft something decent and that can take years.

    Start by simply putting words to paper or on a screen if that's what you prefer. Know that every first draft of anything you write will suck. Your first attempts are going to be horrendous.  You'll probably want to scream, swear, and throw things in a fit of rage. Hell, you may want to drink until you puke or pass out (been there...I don't recommend it). It happens. I've been there. Countless times. Thankfully, if you work hard and keep at it you can improve. Find writing groups and learn from those more experienced and skilled than you. Be willing to accept and learn from constructive criticism.

    Don't be too hard on yourself. Writers (and other creative types) tend to be their own worst critic. What you think sucks others may find interesting. 

    Last, don't think about writing a series right now or any time in the immediate future. Just start writing.

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