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Standing up to bullies, telling on bullies, and ignoring bullies doesn't work? What else can I do?

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  • Rick
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    8 months ago

    Standing up to bullies earns them your respect and then they leave you alone.  Bullies are insecure people who pick on those who are smaller, younger or weaker to feel good about themselves.

    Bullies don't want to fight or to have to deal with someone who challenges them.  They just want to intimidate others and feel powerful.

  • 8 months ago

    All I ever did when I was bullied is I fought them off everytime. Even though I took care of one, I always had a new bully come around to where I had to fight him too. Eventually i accepted the fact i had to kick *** to protect myself until I grew out of that stage of life. Once u get in ur late 20s people stop messing with you. Instead they bully u behind ur back. So in ways bullying never really stops. It just changes when u reach adult hood. Instead of somebody picking a fight with you, you get many tempted scams and people who try using you for ur ****. So it only gets trickier when u grow up. You have to realize the mind tricks of knowing who's ur real friends and who's ur anonymous enemy. Whatever you do, dont let it easy. Do what u can to make it difficult for your bullies to pick on you. It may not stop the bullying. But it will build self respect for yourself which is the most important 

  • Will
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    8 months ago

    Agree with them and act like you're their friend. If one of them is calling you stupid for liking a certain music artist, agree with them and say something like, "Yeah I know, right. Stupid people like stupid music." This will leave them speechless because it is not the response they are looking for. They don't want you to agree with them; they want you to react negatively and emotionally. In regards to acting like you're friends, after they call you and the music artist stupid, you would agree like above and then follow up with a trying to get a fist bump. Again, they will be confused and speechless because suddenly the person they are targetting is acting like a friend. 

    Source(s): Former bully who was a verbal sadist type of bully.
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