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If only you knew the horrible fate that awaits you in hell, will you please convert to Islam before its too late?

Islam is perfectly clear that Jahannam (hell) is a real place for the disbelievers. Soorat al-Nisa, He says: Their screams shall fill the pits and layers of hell. They shall be skinned alive, and their eyes burned out by fire. Their organs shall be pulled from their bodies, and they shall be forced to eat their own babies. The people of Hell will remain in Hell being tormented without end. This is indicated by a great deal of evidence from the Sunnah. They shall also witness their loved ones being torn to pieces and skinned alive in hell. 


In Soorat al-Nisa, where He says: “Verily, those who disbelieve and did wrong [by concealing the truth about Prophet Muhammad and his message of true Islamic Monotheism written; Allaah will not forgive them, nor will He guide them to any way. Except the way of Hell, to dwell therein forever”  [al-Nisa’ 4:168-169]      

Update 2:

The angel Malikaan holds a small dagger used for cutting small pieces of skin, and he shall use his small dagger to skin his victims alive. Allah sent him to become its guardian of hell, and given him the task of torturing the disbelievers and kufaar and mushrikeen to his pleasure. (Umar al-Fadi 3507)

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Allah is the source of all good and also evil.

    Allah wears in the sheep's cloth but inside he is the shaitan himself.

    He created Jinns dajjal according to his likeness. (Jinn takes the order from Allah aka saitan)

    He created eternal torture place for you if you refuse to serve him 

    He is the ISS he is the al bag-daddy.

    Allah is the robber who is pointing a sharp dagger against your throat. Give him your belongings or else. He clearly gave you the freewill to give up your goods or you will get a tab in your throat. the Choice is clearly yours.

    Even his creations don't judge robbing murder's son for robber's crime. No righteous judge will.

    But allah cursed whole creation generation after generations for something we didn't do.

    Allah is the singularity everything came from him.

    good and evil.

    Allah by the other name is the great old snake, the shaitan himself.

    Source(s): Allah is the giver of sickness and then medicine.
  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    May Allah reward you for telling the truth. Alhumdulilah !!!!

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Assalamaulaikum brother...I always thank Allah (may His name be praised) for rescuing me from the terrible punishment that awaits disbelievers in Jahannam. Allah (swt) is righteous and just, and He will punish evil-doers. Only Allah azwj has the power to convert people to the correct path (Islam).

  • 8 months ago

    They do it all the time thinking the Aliens are out there. And for casting them into the deep which is to raise Allah from the dead so are they.

    For not one good being would want this of another.

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