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Does this sound like low grade lymphoma? ?

I have a few swollen lymph nodes in my armpit that get big then shrink. I read it can be low grade lymphoma I read that the cancer cells go active and then die down making the lymph nodes get big and small. I’m 20 female I also had lymph nodes in the back of my neck that stay kinda enlarged from when they were swollen years ago bother me then the next day I got a rash.

Last November I developed a big ball under my armpit was a size of almost a kiwi and it was like that for weeks before going down to like a size of a walnut then I developed what feels like a another lymph node that’s long (not round or uneven) and then another lymph node. Finally around June my skin started to change color and then from nothing being on the surface of the skin my skin open and there was pus. For the rest of the summer it stop now the lymph nodes get swollen again before and after my period or just randomly especially when I’m stress. When I was 9 I used to get lymph nodes in my armpit then it stop once I turned 13 it started in my neck when I was 16 it stop. 

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    So first off I would say if you’re worried it’s always better to get it checked. That being said they also could be cysts. I have that same thing and when they did an ultrasound they’re cysts in your lymphatic system. They’re totally safe and honestly it’s not worth getting them taken care of unless it’s causing pain. Again if you’re worried get it looked at BUT there’s lots of things that can enlarge lymph nodes or they’re cysts!

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