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Why would videos play poorly on a PC?

First off I have a built PC. 

Board MSI fm2-a55m-e33

16gb ddr3 1866mhz ram 

6tb Toshiba hard disk drive 7200rpm

Nvida Geforce 1650

Amd a10 6700t quad core cpu 2.6ghz

Tp link 300mbps wireless adapter 

Windows 10 home 

These are videos from local files on hard disk drive.

I am using the movies and tv app, (Windows default app for viewing videos and movies) the video playback is not smooth. It opens and starts at the same time and when it opens the video jerks and then regulates to normal speed. 

If you watch a video and then surf the web at the same time, the video would start jerking when web pages are loading. It would jerk and speed up. 

I did the exact same thing with my MacBook air 2019, and the video didn't chop lag or jerk and the video playback was smooth upon opening it to playing it loading web pages and surfing the web at the same time.

I went to best buy and tried out some of their pc laptops and them having the same plague that my pc desktop has. No smooth video playback. 

People had told me to use vlc as an alternative and no avail. 

Any suggestions where I could find a pc that runs videos smooth as butter? 

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