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questions regarding potentially laced marijuana?

Last night I was at a party with some friends, and long story short at one point some of us smoked out of a gravity bong. I smoke decently regularly (like once a week) but honestly nothing has ever hit me this intense. I began to lay on the couch and was genuinely, 100% hallucinating. I stared at the walls and began to see cartoon characters (curious george, the man in the yellow hat), then it felt like I was in an alternate version of my childhood daycare, then I was in space (typical, ik) but then it felt like I could watch the DNA flowing through the blood flowing through my veins. I have never - NEVER - hallucinated off of marijuana before. I’ve never hallucinated before period. I have no history of serious mental health issues such as schizophrenia or psychosis or anything. Is it possible that the stuff I bought was laced? If so, what would it have been with?


forgot to include this, but my heart was also beating out of my chest at the beginning of this experience. 

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    It was definitely laced. With what I have no idea. Sounds like DMT but I don’t know if that can be smoked. 

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