my mom left and now thinking about returning?

My mom has been gone now 2 days, the longest shes left. This would be the 3rd time shes left the family and blaming me and my siblings for her unhappy life. is it wrong that I don't want her to come back..

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  • 8 months ago

    I think you need to live in reality here

    Going away for a weekend is NOT "leaving your family", I don' know where you are getting this from. People sometimes need a breather in life, sometimes people need a time out for themselves, it doesn't mean they are abandoning their family though! 

    Now, as for her blaming you and your siblings for her life choices? She's 100% out of line and playing the victim! She is responsible for her actions and choices, and she is responsible for the fallout of her decisions. I don't think its right or acceptable that she feels she can blame you or anyone else, I can't stand when people refuse to take accountablity. 

    As for her coming back? She is married to your dad, legally she is entitled to come back and stay at the house, you really don't get a say in the matter, espically given YOU are a minor in all of this.

    Are you wrong for your POV? No, it's yours and you can see it that way, it doesn't make you wrong or different. However, your Mom isn't going anywhere, so you are going to find a way to tolerate her.

  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    i dont think youre wrong to feel that way

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