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Does she like me even though she has a boyfriend? ?

So i work with this beautiful girl that i sometimes flirt with, in fact i think every guy at work flirts with her and hits on her. I know she has a boyfriend and i try not to flirt with her but sometimes i can't help myself. It also doesn't help that she flirts back, she teases me, trys to be around me all the time, works the same days i do, she asks me a lot of questions about my life, giggles a lot around me, and her best friend also told me she talks a lot about me. Recently she went on vacation with her boyfriend and before she left she asked me if i was going to miss her. When she got back i found myself having anxiety and getting butterflies in my stomach. I was really busy at work so i didn't go up to her i was hoping to avoid her but she went to look for me and said was excited to see me and she even she said she had a dream about me but didn't go into detail so i gave her a wink and she just smiled. I asked her how was her trip expecting to hear about what she and her boyfriend did but didn't get anything. Part of me wants to continue to pursue her but i feel like the more i do the more i would fall for her. The other part of me feels guilty because she has a boyfriend and i should be respecting that. I just wish she didn't flirt back or talk about her boyfriend more so i can at least know she is not interested. Iast thing I want is to be friend zoned. 

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    She's just a friendly, flirty girl who likes the idea that other guys are interested in her, but has no intention of doing anything about it. It's a little mean of her, but you need to stop taking the flirting so seriously. 

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    If she's taken back away. That's the number one rule you have to remember. If she's taken and flirts with other guys, imagine how she would be as your girlfriend. You'd get cheated on. She isn't worth your time.

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    She has a boyfriend. Therefore you shouldn’t be investigating this, unless you plan to be a home wrecker!

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